Information for visiting pilots

The airfield seen from NW (final RWY 14).

Borlänge ESSD / Dala Airport / Rommehed

Several names for the same airfield, located 7 km SE of Borlänge city.

Runway 14/32 - 2313 x 45 m
Grass strip 12/30 - 720 x 40 m

Local procedures

  • Right hand traffic circuit to grass strip 12
  • Outside TWR operational hours the traffic circuit shall be flown east of RWY 14/32 when there is activity on the grass strip 12/30
  • Avoid noise-sensitive areas N, NE and W of the field
  • Gliding activity during summer
  • Skydiving activity during summer
  • Model flying area SW of grass strip
  • Locked gate at the aero club. Contact us for access


  • 100LL and Jet A1, self-service H24 with BP card at the airport.
  • 91/96 UL and MOGAS available at the aero club on request (only cash/Swish).

Accomodation and services

Our club house is well equipped with WC, shower and kitchen. Drinks, snacks, ice cream and microwave dishes are available for purchase (only cash/Swish). We also have two rooms with bunk beds available for sleeping accomodation as well as plenty of space on the field if you wish to put up your own tent.
1 km from the club there is a grill serving hamburgers, kebab and pizzas. There are also two lunch restaurants nearby.


Bus stop at Dala Aiport terminal. Schedule at (Dala Airport - Borlänge centrum). Chances are that one of our club members might offer you a ride into town as well.
Taxi Borlänge +46(0)243 170 70

Things to do

Summertime there is a nearby swimming area (final grass strip 30, Långsjön).
During the winter there are two ski slopes in the vicinity. Romme Alpin being the larger one.

Gliding sectors / Segelflygsektorer


Environmental judgment / Miljödom

Due to an environmental judgment from 1999 school flights, towing of gliders and skydiving is not allowed the following dates in 2024.

Date Remark
5/5 Sunday
21/6 Midsummer eve
22/6 Midsummer day
14/7 Sunday
18/8 Sunday

Welcome to Borlänge!